Earth in the Chinese Astrology

Unlike the modern science of Earth’s placement in our solar system, the Chinese astrological charts puts the earth at the center of the Universe. This is possibly due to the fact that ancients believed the Earth was the center of deep space and all celestial bodies circled our world.

Are you an earth element person?

People birthed under the earth element seem to really feel that they are the center of their own universe.  Generally, the earth sign people tend to be self-centered, ambitious as well as stubborn. These people tend to be ambitious and are used to getting what they desire as well as attaining their objectives. Failing is very foreign to them.

On a more positive note, Earth people are patient, and thoughtful. They can pretty much handle responsibility with grace and ease. People born with this trait are more earthly then any other element.  Folks with the earth element take the time to care for those around them. They are skilled thinkers and carefully evaluate what is needed with earthly situations.

Because of their skilled thinking abilities all goals are achieved through hard work and determination. Earth people are good long term planners and are focused with the plan to its final success.

Although determined and focused they also can be stubborn. In another way, the earth element is a double-edged sword, giving those born under its rule the determination to follow through when things are rough, and the audacity to defend their point, even when they are utterly wrong.

These people understand that when you rule, when you’re at the center of the universe you have an obligation to serve it as well. Those born under the earth element enjoy working in services jobs where they are helping others get what they want. Some good earth element jobs include nurses, doctors, teachers, driving instructors and therapists.

On the negative side, when things are bad in the body it is their stomach and spleen that tends to breakdown and form into disease. However, to overcome the bad side of health one should pay close attention to diet.  Anything an earth person can do to enhance digestion will be a great aid to maintaining optimal health.

Tropical Deforestation is Destroying The Earth Habitat

We cannot sit and let careless people of this earth go on culling forests to make way for their own gains at the expense of the earths equilibrium.

I am about to show you an horrifying statistic about deforestation. It is estimated that tropical forests constitute about 7% of the earth’s land area but instead of the forest growing it is has been destroyed year after year. Today, about 90% of the worlds tropical forests have already been destroyed.

You know, it is not the worlds population that is spilling into these areas. No, by far the biggest invaders of tropical forests and it’s destruction is caused by large international companies that follow their need to make more profits.

The ultimate care and decision is really not in the hands of the common folk. No, the destruction of forests is really the responsibility of the the elected and non-elected leaders who can with a stroke of the pen, can protect these vital nature points from total destruction.  Population growth happens in the cities where more and more people are squeezed into apartments and high rise buildings.

The solution is much more simple and is no where near complex.

The only known way to halt the destruction of tropical forests is to legislate. This happens in the courts and governing bodies in those countries where de-forestation is a daily appetite.  It is a simple affair of lawful practices that needs to be brought forward.  Every citizen, every business venture, every company has to abide by the law.

The means of stopping tropical deforestation and healing the earth needs to be in the hands of those who have a humanitarian outlook into life. There needs to be leaders who will consider the welfare of all breathing creatures. We live in a world where our air is shared by all around the world.